Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All my worlds collided

And even I had to laugh at this foolishness. I have the weirdest life. There are so many different parts of my world, and they are pretty antithetical to each other. I am a little bit regular person, a lot of lawyer, a wife, huge part animal lover, a person who likes new experiences, etc. I can go from farm girl, to fancy lawyer arguing a murder case, to a clumsy oaf in aerobics class in an hour or less. And I do, all the time. But it is rare that I get caught by one part of me while I am playing another.

Today, I had a big win at work. That was swell, because it does not happen very often and it certainly does not happen where this one did. My day got even better, because it was gorgeous outside, about 72 degrees and sunny. I spent my lunch hour feeding and watering the horses, and moving hay etc, so I could go to St Louis. There I was fetching my mother, who has spent the week running a gorgeous bed and breakfast called the Fleur de Lys Mansion . We went for a walk, to show her Barry's neighborhood that she has not spent any time in since she lived here before I was born.

Barry was delayed getting home from work. That gave us time to go get a beer. We had walked past all the sidewalk tables of people enjoying the weather, and who can really resist that for long? The closest bar to Barry's apartment is a gay bar. It is always busy, but there was an empty table on the sidewalk.

We got settled, got drinks and waited. And that is when all my worlds ran into each other.

I spent twenty minutes on the cell phone with my Amish workers, while I sat at a gay bar with my mother in the middle of the day, after exercising.

That is a lot of funny parts of my world running into each other at once.

FYI: The reason I came to St Louis was to pick up a truck. Barry finally found what he wanted, and we got her bought. He did great--made the deal himself, bought the truck for way under the money, and it is really pretty. He got a 2008 Toyota Tundra. It has had the recall stuff done to it, so no worries on that front. I have not been in it yet, but it is nice. When it comes home this weekend, I will get some pics of it. This means the big truck can come home and sit in the driveway to wait until I need it to haul something, and I can still drive my SUV every day. Win win for everyone!


3 Men and a Lady said...

LOL, talking to the Amish in a gay bar. That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great experience when YOUR WORLDS COLLIDED!!!!!

Enjoy all of it

Holly said...

we had a toyota truck, ran the wheels off that baby. We had a nissan sentra I loved too.

one the phone with your Amish workers? Thought they did not do that stuff?

Jocelyn said...

talking to the Amish in a gay bar with you MOM. That's awesome,

Wait.. Amish have phones?

Gail said...

Now that is quite a mix! Glad none of your clients saw you.

Sounds like a great truck, we are in the market for one.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

LOl, what a day! What a day!! ;)

Anonymous said...

All your girls, young and old, look great. I love the action pics. Yeah, you are truly a Renaissance woman. Just anybody couldn't pull all that off.
Love you,

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