Monday, March 15, 2010


What a whirlwind of a few days it has been. If I never get stuck in the mud again, it will be too soon. I did however get some fancy Muck boots-they may be the most expensive shoes I own, which is a sad state of affairs in its own right.

Barry fixed my computer last week by replacing the top of it--my mouse pad and mouse clickers had gone berserk. It was swell. I could actually put my cursor where I wanted it some time close to the time I wanted it. Then last nite, it just quit again.


So I snuck out today during my ten hour work day and bought a little mouse to plug in, and forgot to check to make sure it had a USB port. When I finally got home at almost 9 pm, I realized it did not work. Great. Bout that time, Dad called to tell me something and of course, I went off like a fruit loop. He ended up going to get me a new mouse, and thank you Lord, it works. I was on the verge of just curling up in the floor and crying.

While he was here, I was opening the mail and found what I thought was a bill from the OB/Gyn. No bill. It was a letter saying I had bad test results, so I have to go back and get some biopsy thing. Well isnt that a nice invitation. Im sure it is nothing. But still. Who wants to do that twice?

I am not going to think about it until tomorrow, when I will make the appointment. If I am lucky--now wasnt that funny for me to even say--I will be able to schedule it next Monday, on my way home from the airport from my trip to Houston. Nothing like a doctor's appointment to cap off a fun long weekend.



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

so glad you stopped by and weighed in on the movie...That very scene you described was one of the ones that just broke me....

Hate that you got a letter from the doctor...I always think that is so impersonal...Praying that it is nothing....

Holly said...

hey! You take care of yourself! Goodness Paige, I worry about you!

Anonymous said...

Darn----silence is NOT golden when it comes to you. Figured you were eating, drinking and being merry---but no--

boots, "mouses", and Dr. news!

Hopefully it will be three out of three for GOOD THINGS.

Take care carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

What a crappy day.
I hope it's nothing at the doctor's, just the same, don't put it off.

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