Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does St Patrick's Day call for sacrifice?

I ask you this because I think I just found a sacrifice in my back barn.

I was moving hay like a good little farmer after work, when I had two bad things happen. I picked up a round bale out of the back barn, tipped it up on the hay forks, and loads of crap fell off. Big chunks of poo of unknown origin came headed straight for me.

I cannot even imagine what can be nastier than this. We have on several occasions found poop neighborhoods in the back barn, where there will be lots of piles close together. It looks like medium size dog poop. Not little dog, by any stretch. Not Great Dane poop either--which would not happen since the dogs are never at the farm. We have no dogs there. We do have raccoons, possum, skunk, foxes, you name it. But this poop seems way too big to belong to such varmints.

In any event it fell on top of the tractor, which almost made me wretch.

I toddled my way back in to get a second round bale, and as I was negotiating the bale spears, I noticed a varmint having a nap in the sun on a bale close to the door. Except it did not move, even with all the racket I was making.

When I got that bale delivered, I turned on all the lights and snuck up on that heavy sleeping varmint. Except it was not sleeping obviously. Deader than a mackeral , and I could tell that without getting super close to it. For some reason, I was creeped out. That varmint looked like it was resting.

The disturbing thing is that I could not tell what it was. From the size and general shape, and what I could see of its face, it looked like a baby goat.

A Goat, I tell you.

I do not have goats.

I know of no goats within at least a half mile of me.

How would I get a damn goat sacrificed up in my back barn?

Now that is just weird.


Holly said...

it had hooves instead of paws???!!!

Paige said...

I cannot swear to it, but I got that impression. It looked like it was about a foot tall.

And it was on the first layer of bales--and has gotten there since Saturday. So it is only five feet in the air, and I saw no obvious COD

Qtswede said...

gotta see what that sucker looks like! For Sure a 'what the holy hell?' moment.

3 Men and a Lady said...

How strange! So someone had to put it there? That's creepy?

hooves said...

I expect you to go back over there in the morning and take a picture of it. You will feel really funny if it isn't there. hooves

Anonymous said...


It is St Patrick's Day---and time for the "blarney" - - - -! ?

It is NOT April Fool's Day!

It is what it is-----

Sacrificial goat/lamb!!!!

Pictures please as well as the "Rest of the story"

enjoy----Wearin of the green

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is crazy!!
Once, I found a rabbit carcass on the top, top of my hay stack. There was a black footed ferret living in my hay that winter and he had had a meal of it. But how would a goat get there?

Linda said...

I'm with Hooves. You gotta get a good pic. This will make me crazy no knowing! And it's not even my farm/barn!

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