Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its a Fox!

So I am in Houston playing and Barry has reported on the dead baby goat in the back barn.

Turns out it is a fox.

Which is also very strange.

Fortunately it is not my problem since I am down here.

This is a trial as well, since Gabi just told my mom on the phone that I am not funny. That kinda hurts


Anonymous said...

That's ok, Paige, she didn't think her daddy looked pretty even with stickers all over him.
So glad you're having so much fun.
Tell Amy "Hi", from us.
Love all of you,

Holly said...

ewww, a fox? Hope he didn't have mange!

Anonymous said...

A Fox!----the Rest of the Story---better him/her than a sacrifice which would involve some humans. And the bonus is Barry solved the mystery while you are away

Right now Gabi has a "different" kind of humor. You guys just have to figure out which kind! ! 1

A Gabi challenge.
Enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

But still, how in heck did he get there?

hooves said...

He probably had distemper or something similar and just crawled up there and died. I am wondering how the little fox feet could look like hooves though. Gabi just doesn't get your sense of humor yet. She will when she is older. hooves

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