Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sly's Grandson

I love it that they are all so pretty, even down to the grandbabies. I am also shocked every time there is a grandbaby at all, because I still think of him as such a young horse. He is ten this year though, so it is not that strange.

This young man is owned by Tina Keese of Lucky Cross Quarter Horses in Texas. She bought his daddy as a young foal---his name is Slydun Dirty. He is the full brother of Haida N Go Twist, our sorrel mare. Shooter however is a palomino dun. We bred his dam and sent her home to Louisiana, so it is so fun to keep track of her son, and now his children.
This is an old picture I snagged from Tina's website. He sure looks like a Slybaby, doesn't he? The poor feller broke his pelvis at a year old, so had a slow start. Tina reports he was born broke though and has been no trouble at all.

This gets my motor revving for our limited foal season this year. Just tonight, I moved Haida Girl into the foaling stall, as she is showing a teeny bit of wax. Since she is a maiden, I have no idea what her schedule is like, but I am getting excited. Cross your fingers!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I, too, can't believe Sly has grand foals.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He's such a cutie! How well I remember foal anticipation time from last year.

hooves said...

I hope they named him cobra. That is what his face marking looks like to me. hooves

Holly said...

OH MY! He's gorgeous!

3 Men and a Lady said...

I do love that name, Slydun Dirty. Very cool!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww...that is a gorgeous colt.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH WOW what a gorgeous colt!!! I am so glad to be seeing others posting foal pictures!! We are not having any this year :( But my SIL's mare just had one Sunday so I'll get some loving put in there LOL!! Can't wait to see Haida Girl's foal!!

Anonymous said...

How handsome------and more kids to come in your neck of the woods.

Baby watch begins.

Enjoy Carol

Chillygator said...

Oh my gosh, he's so dang cute! We've always had horses across the street from my house and I've always been terrified of them, but that size seems safe (o:

Michelle said...

What a beautiful boy! Best part of spring = foals on the ground!!!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful young boy! We are eagerly anticipating a new foal this year as well - we rescued his momma and her baby but the baby did not make it last year and she had been re-bred. I just hope we have a healthy foal. The foal's grandsire passed this last year so this will be a special foal.

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