Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other scenes from the Play Date

Diablo is still playing the am I or aren't I pregnant game. And this pic sure does not help answer anything. I am more encouraged than I was though--evidently the Demon had been nursing occasionally, and since D was just on pasture with hay only, she had lost some weight. I brought her up, found out about the nursing, and am now seeing a little more going on with D's belly. She would still have a few months to go anyway, and I am crossing my fingers for a swell Laredo Blue baby this year rather than next.
Whatever has been going on out there has been good for the Demon. She looks great, especially for this time of year, when every one looks gross in some way. If it is not hideously shaggy hair, it is mud balls all over and jacked up manes. She is filthy, but she is in great condition.
Foxy and Rock played together a while, working on the fence like there was a cow in the mix somewhere. Maybe Rock is getting senile as well as mostly blind. I was glad to see her 28 year old butt keep up with Foxy with no problem too, especially since Foxy was wound for sound.
This is HaidaGirl--my only maiden to foal this year. She is due first, in about a month, with a Sophisticated Catt baby. I have a vision it is a boy. I don't care, I just want healthy. Since I raised HG, and remember the day she was born so clearly, this will be extra special for me. I was so proud of her, and she was the ugliest newborn there ever was, and I wondered if she was retarded as well. Turns out she is really impressive looking, smart as a whip and probably the most athletic horse we have ever raised. I will never forget calling mom to tell her she had just been born and she was hideous--and arguing with Barry to move the water bucket before she fell in it, and then she went head first into it.

I just told someone else that she was not really showing much , but that I knew she was still good. Then I looked at this pic. She is not hiding anything is she? Is she is not almost full term, there is something bad wrong here!~
But this shot does not scream huge pregnant to me. This is the pic in my head when I think of HG--and it is accompanied by a noise like a thunderstorm coming. I can recognize her hoofbeats in a crowd, they are so distinctive--but so similar to her mothers.
And here is her mama--Playmate. She is 29 and still has not been lame a day since I bought her about 10 or 12 years ago. Her feet look like draft feet, they are so big. That may have something to do with her staying so sound.
I cannot wait until we can have a three-generation family photo soon. And I hope this new baby grows up to be half the horse her grandma is.

I realize these are not particularly fascinating photos, but you gotta go with what you got when you finally get a decent day outside, that is not freezing, or raining.

I have big news to report but I do not want to jinx it so it will have to wait a day or two. As it is, I am scheduling this in advance to post while I am on my adventure---stay tuned for it


Spring Lake Farm said...

I think they are great photos and they make me jealous that I don't have any horses in my life currently (something I hope to fix in the future). Enjoy!

Jocelyn said...

can't wait to see the new foal crop!

Holly said...

How many babies do you have coming? HG looks fantastic too. I am excited for the babies. I had forgotten how sweet they are till Baby Boy arrived at our barn.

hooves said...

I see that HG can still run as well as she did the day she ran away at the trailride. hooves

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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