Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Play date for Foxy

Saturday was a gorgeous day, so all the blanketed girls got stripped--and have stayed that way. I took Foxy to the front pasture to play while Madison and I worked on fence, and unlike the other times we have attempted to get her to get some exercise, this time she took it seriously. Her first few steps released was typical spring day frolic, with bucks and farts and generally silliness. That always makes me happy.
I gave her some other girls to play with and they had an absolute ball.
Looking pretty good huh?
I so wish these photos were closer up, but whatcha gonna do--she moves a lot faster than I do!
This picture absolutely cracks me up. She is a hair under 14 hands on a normal day, and all stretched out like this, she looks like an oompa loompa.

Now that the weather is clearing up--well warming up, it is of course raining again--I am hoping to get her working out. I am jonesing to start riding, and she may be my first victim. Just a bit a day will go a long way for her condition, and I want to take advantage of her finally losing that belly.

I think we can call her pretty much a closed case


Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung---with Foxy, Moxy, Soxy and anyone else you want to describe! ! !


enjoy carol

Holly said...

look at the stride on that girl! She looks fabulous Paige. Good job!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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