Monday, October 5, 2009

Bocephus is a father

Only here do things like this happen. Bocephus went from having an orange cat as a pet--who disappeared--to having kitties. When I came out of the house Sunday morning, he was standing by my favorite plant--the contorted Filbert. He was oinking to beat the band, and the next thing I knew--little kitties were popping out all over. There were four of them--two orangey ones, a black one and one grayish tiger striped thing. The popped out one at a time and hid in the garage.

This little orangey one was the bravest--I got set up to take pics and watched her terrorize Boce. Mama cat showed up, and from the looks of her, I can only conclude that Boce's cat friend was not his girlfriend at all, but rather his boyfriend. And he must have cheated on him, as that must be how this lady ended up with kitties.
Isn't the baby darling?
Looks can be deceiving though--here is short stuff hissing at Boce a minute later. I do not know what he was so mad about, but he was making himself very clear. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

This might explain why Boce has been stockpiling more things in his resting place. He likes to collect items for his bed, and it seems like there has been a lot more stuff there lately. Some of it started getting out under the garage door and I have told Boce that if he does not clean his room, I will do it for him, and throw it all away. When I will get around to that, I do not know. Now I wonder if he was making the bed better for mama and her babies.

When I came back later, we saw a teeny little puffy streak running across the pasture--and Boce came running from the pasture to the house to greet us. I think he was moving his family away from me. I have not seen the kitties since. Tonight, I found that Boce has moved back into the mattress--his winter digs--so I am wondering if he has kitties in there.

Only my pig could be a dad. To some cats. But leave it to someone in this family to be picking up someone else's slack. I bet we never see orange daddy again--he is surely off cavorting leaving Boce to do his work. He looked pretty happy about it though--and it gives him something to do with his time.


Anonymous said...

Little pissed off kittens ARE funny! They think they're big stuff, lol.

I think it's sweet of him to father them.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

*giggles* that is too cute!!! Boce is a great daddy!! You seriously have me LMAO here!! And yes I was thinking "this would only happen to Paige"!!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, sweet, darling-----
Everyone has a place or job in life---and Boce has found "one" of his!

Enjoy Carol

coreymom40 said...

A peeg and his sweet. I just can't imagine.
Seems your getting quite a few new homesteaders.

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