Monday, September 15, 2008

Scenes from a Monday

Big action this weekend, I guess--Madison got her hair cut. She has great hair and it was getting really long, I had no idea she was thinking of cutting it. She had it pulled up when I got there, but took it down right away to show me. Barry had told me that she cut it, but I had no idea it would be so cute.
I was surprised to see how much it curled up just from putting in a few layers. I love it.
Next up is what appears to be our only storm damage. A big ol honking tree down on one section of our round bales.
I do not know how many of them are under there, perhaps thirty. I am so grateful that we do not have any more damage than that, although I have not checked the back pasture very closely to make sure the run-in sheds still have their rooves. Roofs? Rooves? That looks crazy.

Speaking of crazy, Bocephus is growing his hair back--can you see that short black halo around him? That is not out of focus photo, but his hair growing back in--it is about an inch long all over, and it actually is pretty soft. He kind of looks like a roly poly porcupine--the next time some fool asks me if he is a pig, I think I will tell them that he is a porcupine instead and see what kind of reaction I get. It is amazing the difference a week can make in a pig's recovery--he is running and playing and generally being his old piggy self

Tonight, Gypsy made a funky face. Her child, and Aries' child, run together, along with Snap's. Clearly they are ready to be weaned as they had removed themselves from the front pasture and gone to the middle one to see other babies, and the mamas could not have cared less. Good news, they will get their wish on Thursday.

I also found that not all the tadpoles were done in --I found this dude in Thor's pool. Better there than in mine, says me.
I did get most of the yard mowed here at the house. I still have the backyard to do, which will be some tough going as it is so thick, and then I have the farm to do. I like being caught up, so I hope to knock all that out by Wednesday.

Now I really should eat a vegetable or go to bed. I am tired enough, but restless, so I guess I will just sit in this chair and waste time for a while. I would hate to accidentally do something logical like catch up on my sleep so it is easier to get up early to take Simba to the vet in the morning.

Speaking of which, Slater's xrays did not tell us much today. They had an Xray malfunction, so as soon as that is fixed, he will have them done again. I am cautiously optimistic based on the vet's thoughts, although she was quick to remind me that osteosarcoma is quite possible considering his breed and age. Bone cancer is a biggie on Danes. As far as the softer lump on his chest, she is confident that it is merely a fatty tumor.

Now, if Simba can get a good report about whatever is up with her girl parts (which were removed more than 6 years ago when we adopted her), and perhaps a little something something for the stiffness setting in, I will feel like we dodged a huge bullet.

Cross your fingers!


Jamie said...

I hope everything is ok with your fur babies. You need some good luck girl...You've had a rough few weeks!

Anonymous said...

We lost a couple of trees too---no damage to our home

but my favorite tree a bradford that was beautiful in spring and fall ----------is gone


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