Monday, September 15, 2008

Talk about outgrowing things

Now this is funny---evidently it is not that Barry cannot drive (well, not JUST that), but rather that because of the narrowness of our road, and the entry to our driveway, our new trailer simply cannot make the turn into the driveway without running through the ditch. And this is not a regular ditch, she is a pretty good drop off.

This led Barry to call the people who tend to things like that and see if there is some way to address the issue. We thought moving the bank of mailboxes would do it, but it won't be enough.
I highly doubt they will widen the entire road for us, but they can do something about how wide the mouth of our driveway is. The dude is going to check to see if we have a concrete culvert, and if so, he can add a five foot section to either side of it, thereby giving us 10 more feet to get in. If the culvert is made of something else, we will have to completely tear out the one in there and put in a new one.

In any event, this shall be addressed soon. That means that once Barry repairs the part of the black water valve that he knocked off, it will likely stay fixed.

The next plan is to figure out what to do at the farm--as there are gates up front, so I do not know if we will have to remove them, cut down a tree or two and start over with another entry way or what we might have to do.

Interesting dilemma huh?


Funder said...

My eyes got stuck on "black water valve that he knocked off." I shudder to think about the horribleness of what happened!

Shell said...

Paige, if your culvert is corrugated metal they can hook two of them together with a ring. Hubby was in the asphalt paving business up north and they did that on a regular basis. How long is your new trailer?!

Paige said...

Thank the Lord it was totally empty as we had not even gotten home from buying it when it happened. Typical.

And thank God, it is not the part that is directly into the tank---but the part that you hook on to in order to empty it.

It could be a problem for sure! He will have to fix it

Paige said...

Hmm, I wonder Shell if my road guy just meant that they personally could not do that if it was not concrete---hmmm. We shall see
I was just mowing down there and forgot to check...

The trailer is 31'4" on the floor---a big ol honker

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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