Monday, September 15, 2008

Houston Connections--all Clear!

Thank goodness--I had a message on my phone that I somehow missed yesterday, from Missy in Houston. She said they were ok, no power and only occasional water, but they were fine.

I just got off the phone with her now, and she is in great spirits for someone who has a big ass tree on her house, which may or may not be shifted off its foundation. Her house is 90 plus years old, and they have spent so much time remodeling and restoring it, so this is quite a blow, but at least it is not raining in it.

She says their yard is such a mess, people slow down to gawk at it as they go by.

Because of the area she is in, in the Heights, they are on the far out estimate of repair time for electricity--the section is so old that the work will be more difficult. The plan is to restore power to the easier areas yet, so it could be a full month before hers will be back on. They do have a small generator running the fridge and TV.

I cannot imagine the devastation. She is taking pics of course, but with no internet access, she cannot send them yet.

A funny she pointed out: They will be delivering mail in Galveston tomorrow. To whom, I do not know. By boat, to mailboxes that are under water?

She has nothing but praise for the mayor who has mobilized volunteers to knock on every door in the city to check on people, and get help to those with medical conditions etc.

Their farm is evidently just fine--Dave went to fetch the generator from there and said the horses are all fine.


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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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