Monday, September 15, 2008

Sly packs on the fat for winter

I may be the only person who carries a camera on the lawnmower. I am a multitasking fool, if nothing else. I should learn not to carry it with me on the mower, as I always lose something from all the jiggling, but then I would miss taking pictures of my number one subject, Sly.
I never get tired of looking at that gorgeous face. Think how pretty he would be if he was in shape and only had half that mane.
He has such an arrogant look, and gives me so many opportunities to get good pics of him. Today was really overcast,, which was a little too dark for decent shots--it is still fun to try though

This one shows how fat he has gotten already--he is grazing on the hill by my bedroom. There is quite a slope there, and he is standing funky, but I wanted to include this photo to show that we have GRASS! In September! We were slap out of grass in July last year. It is not just empty grass either evidently, as he has plumped up like a ball park frank, and is only on one feeding of Strategy today and no supplements--as you may recall, the pig ate all his extras that it takes to get him through breeding season without someone calling the humane society on me. I took a chance on not replacing them right away so I could see if he needed them now, since he was putting on weight already--and looks like it is okay
Even his butt is coming back--which is always the first thing to go and the last thing to come back. I suppose a little work might help that cause. I guess he should go in the rotation for some workouts, so we can firm this flab up. His and mine.

Sounds like a plan. Anyone want to bet that it probably will not happen?


Anonymous said...

Sly looks fantastic.
It's roofs, hooves, but roofs.
Love you too much,

Train Wreck said...

Nope I carry my camera on my mower! Pretty much everywhere! Man that is one thick horse! He is still a stud correct? He is gorgeous even with the cloud cover!!
Thanks for the well wishes! I was lucky. It was most likely all the unfamilar surroundings! Have a great week!

The Mane Point said...

Sounds familiar. I seem to take my camera everywhere lately. Sometimes I wish I had someone like James Bond's "Q", who could invent a camera to fit in my belt buckle, my wristwatch or some other secret spot. Trail riding with a camera bouncing in one hip pocket is a little weird. ;-)



Paige said...

Yes, he is still a stud, TrainWreck--he is 8 this year.

His babies are the spitting image of him--which suits me just fine. Thanks for the compliments--he still takes my breath away. His personality is even better than his looks.

He is a little sad right now that his friend Twister is staying over at the farm for a while--so that leaves him with only the little Fonzie to play with--I think Sly is lonely

Paige said...

That is what horn bags are for Linda--to carry the camera! Although mine usually ends up around my neck anyway

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