Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The bacon is not cooking

In fact, the bacon is shivering.

My anxiety about Boce, coupled with a questionable bowl of chili last nite, has sent me home from work to check on the pig and work here. Thank goodness I have a new record to read so that I can work anywhere, and that Kirwan is so good about letting me do that when I need to.

I thought I needed to.

Boce is laying on his new Thor-hand me-down blanket, and he is actually shivering. I realize that it is 68 degrees in this house, but maybe it is colder in that tiny bathroom, with the door shut. He is shivering a touch.

Since he is being so quiet, I took his temperature again--what a good piggy he is. It is down to 101.1 degrees! He ate the bit of piggy food I left him, but does not seem to have gotten into his water much---so I got him an apple and laid it down on his bed right in front of his snoot. He did not seem terribly interested, so I bit off a piece and stuck it in his mouth---he liked that well enough to look for more apple. I bit off a few more pieces, and then laid the rest of it in front of him, covered him with his towel and closed off his vent so it was not so cold in there.

All his vitals seem way better, and the eating certainly is, but that lethargy is still bothersome. He is feeling so poorly that he let me pet him and love on him without more than a token grunt in protest, which is not Boce-like.

I am going to force myself to leave him alone so he can keep sleeping and hopefully feel better. I will work and check on him later.

Now to address this bad chili thing


theCloth said...

Poor little pig:(

Holly said...

oh dear. I would give him 24 hours, but if he is not better by the a.m. it would be off to the vet again for me.

Paige said...

He is not going to be well in 24 hours, but the fact that he is eating is a marked improvement already.

He just ate another bowl of food and an apple--we went outside so he could go to the bathroom, but he has not gone yet. He is in his pighouse.

He will come back in a few minutes to watch 90210 with me

I have the shots for the morning, so there is no need to go to the vet--just check in with him with the updates

Holly said...

not well....better. His temp should stay down by 24 hours if the antibiotic is doing the job. He will still be miserable perhaps but not flaming hot.

Paige said...

He is not flaming hot anymore--down to 101.1 at 2 and at 6 it was up to 101.7

still high but way down from before

Holly said...

keep the blog updated or the twitter or email or sumfun....we can't have the poor little guy without a bunch of fans rooting for him!

Paige said...

of course

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