Monday, August 11, 2008

And that is another thing

Guess what the pig did? He has decided that he needs Sly and Twist's dinners more than they do.

I hear he actually convinced Sly to back away from the food dish last nite. Then Sly realized he outweighs him by 900 or so pounds and waved his foot at Boce, who smartly retreated.

But the larger problem is that he ate a full 45 pounds of Born to Win sometime this weekend. That really pisses me off, as that stuff has gone from 13 bucks to 24,and changed its name. Sly gets it now to put weight back on after his annual breeding season loss. Well he did, he may not now, as I cannot afford a pig who steals like that. We were smart enough to take it out of the bags, and put it in the sealed tubs Purina sells supplements and such in--those things are so handy, I just love them. Barry said he DESTROYED my precious buckets. That is irritating, as it is not like we do nto have a deep freeze for keeping food in down there, but Barry never puts stuff in it and as he is the one that usually feeds down there, I had no idea the stuff was out where Boce could get it.

That is a bad pig, who is really on the program now--if he thought he was hungry before, he can think again. and to think I bought him a cucumber just yesterday because I love him--had I only known!

Damn pig is pushing his luck


hooves said...

Well, atleast he didn't unplug the freezer in the barn like Mooey did. He would be the Shilling pet steer from last year's 4-H project. I hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to buy some pig panels and make Boce a pen like other pigs live in. You will feel really bad if one of those horses decides to stomp on him. I had a stud horse do that to my pet goat years ago and it almost killed him. hooves

Paige said...

Bad Mooey--yeah that would suck. However, when dad mowed over the power source to the pool pump, it blew the whole garage system and my ice cream melted---good thing I am addicted to it, or I might not have caught it until it was all beyond repair.

I cannot believe that you think Boce is like other pigs. I sure hope I do not have to do that, it seems counter productive to having him, as my favorite thing is seeing him running across my yard.

I shall give Sly and Twist AND Boce a chat about respecting each other's personal space. Boce should understand that better, since he got actual dog teeth in his on Friday

hooves said...

You can put up lots of pig panels(like around your entire front yard) and then put in a cattle guard or something similar so that you can drive in. hooves

Paige said...

Well arent you just a wit? I finally got BS to weedeat so we do not look so hideous and you want me to put up pig panels? And a cattle guard? How long do you think it would be before the doofus Tequila fell in there and snapped her fool leg off?

I do not think so

I hope I did not just jinx myself with that.

hooves said...

Well, I can see that since you are so concerned about how your yard looks you are going to have to go with chain link. Of course, it can be midget sized so that should save you money. Don't know if a dog's leg will fit through a cattle guard or not. Randy says that a pig is tooo smart to cross one. Of course, if you don't like these options you can always put up another hotwire which is knee high to a pig. hooves

Paige said...

You are going to make these people think that I maintain my house and yard like a non-hillbilly and we all know that is not true.

The low hot wire might happen though--I could do that.

Damn pig

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