Monday, August 11, 2008

Three things wrong with me today

I know, that does not seem like very many for me does it? Then again, it is not even noon.

First, I evidently have poison ivy or some damn thing on my right arm. This is not a huge deal to normal people, but if I scratch at my scars when it itches, I have to really get after it or I do not feel it. This leads to scratching til it bleeds. So then it scabs up and the whole area is inflamed. This makes it hard to straighten out my arm. Or type.

Two, my right ankle is swollen and bloody still from getting clipped by Reno while he was being wormed on Saturday. Those little baby feet are sharp and he caught me just the right way top slice me good. Not only is it bloody and tight like my elbow is, but where I thought my feet were dirty (they are perpetually dirty) there is really a big ol honkin bruise. No big deal, until I start sweating after work--then it will sting like hell.

Three, I am trying to write a brief in which I am right about what I am arguing. No question. However, the court does not really agree with me on the matter, and of course, the main case they cite is one of my cases--where they said I was right, but who cares. I find it listed and discussed ad nauseum in law journal articles, and even ALR, which is just swell. I have a big case that gets some big press and it is one in which I lose, and then is used against me. Ain't that about right?

BUT--I came to work early so I could bushhog a while before I have to get on the Olympics watch again.

And BS dropped off a trailer up north to be loaded with hay straight out of the field and it better be good-- I am sure it is. He will pick it up on the way home.

And the cleaning lady comes again today. Yes, this is the third time in as many weekdays. Yes it is, I know that. It is going to take a while to catch up with all that---she did a great job on the kitchen and family room last week, and today is the living room and hopefully the laundry and third bath---we shall see. This is breaking me and we have not even gotten to the bedrooms or the other bathrooms!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the poison ivy. The only thing I've found that helps is Ivarest. You've turned me into an Olympics addict, too. It just seems like there's so much extra excitement this time.
Love you much,

Paige said...

You cannot be telling me that you were not already addicted to it--that makes no sense. You probably just watch womens basketball though.

Mandy and I watch it so closely that emails about things happening pass on the internet and we said the exact same thing--and that is when we are rehashing it, not while it is going on.

My poison ivy is not horrid, nowhere near as bad as the times I have to get the shot in the butt.

But the leg ouch is leaking an interesting fluid

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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