Monday, August 11, 2008

Phelps ties the record

Now there is something you will not hear very often this week---he TIED the record. But this time, it is for the most Gold Medals ever, at 9--same as Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, etc.

It was in the 200 mm free, at 1:42.96--a new world record. Wouldn't it be interesting if in addition to every thing else, he set a world record in every event?

He has the 200 fly semis coming up in an hour---

I guess I do not have to warn you that I will likely post about that too. I am so predictable


Anonymous said...

You can't love the Olympics more than Walker and I. We have the world map up on the wall in the hallway and we update the medal count each night with little stickers for each medal on each country. Very exciting

Lorna said...

He is just amazing. With as little time to recoup after multiple races on each day, he just digs further deep down and does it again and again. Here's hoping for more gold!

*Sarah* said...

He is ridiculous!

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