Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Its a pigs life

This is what I see most mornings when I leave the house--Boce having his morning rest. He digs a nest in the landscaping (read: tears it up), and gets some sun. Some days, he stays down long enough that I can get to him and scratch his tummy so he will roll up.
This was supposed to be a photo of him yawning--I took it from the car--of course, I was too late. Notice the 5 gallon water bottle in the background? I put the empties on the porch for the water dude to exchange, but Boce takes them to play with.
He is looking a little resentful that he has gotten up. Well he is not the only one. We both hate mornings.
Could he be more handsome? Well maybe if he did not have mulch on his snoot


Holly said...

awwww, I love the Boce boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey! In a "pig's eye"-----it is a "pig's life"

Like the other "asses" those "two-legged" guys to feed, pet and love me.

Lots of "asses" need that kind of attention.

enjoy Carol

*Sarah* said...

Aw he is super cute.

theCloth said...

Reminds me of myself now that I'm retired.

Diane said...

I just love Boce! My 2 piggies are soaking up the rays and playing in the mud everyday. They're outside piggies now! They did get bigger than I expected. :)

Paige said...

How big are they, Diane?

Diane said...

Oh...maybe 30-35 lbs, but I wanted them to stay little! LOL We adopted 2 ducks right before Easter and I just discovered that one of them is a girl ducky! She laid her 1st egg. Maybe we'll have ducklings! :D

Paige said...

That is tiny Diane--Boce is less than 14 or 16 inches tall and he is still pushing 100 pounds. I would not say he is quite that heavy but he is WAY heavier than a bag of feed--I cannot pick him up myself anymore and I can carry two bags of feed at a time--then again, it is not squirming and yelling

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