Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boogie goes to school

It is finally his turn---Boogie, the often overlooked, kind of awkward, so laid back you think he is stoned--has gone to the trainer.

We took him to Ryans last nite---we forgot he had never been in a trailer. That took about ten minutes to teach him, although he is not sure that he sees the point.

Off we went, about an hour away, and unloaded. Not so easy, actually, as he had never done that before either.

There was some practicing once we arrived---in and out and in and out. Boog tried so hard, he was so brave, but I could tell he was a little overwhelmed with the new people and the incessant trailer loading. He seemed almost frozen by shock.

We got him in his stall to settle in, and chatted a while--after a few minutes standing around talking, Boogie started to warm up to Ryan and was sniffing him all over.

For some reason, it was a little hard to leave him there. I have no idea why, I know Ryan will take care of him, and Boogie will probably get some much needed confidence.

I kind of miss my little boy. That is so stupid, it is not like I hang out with him every day anyway. I cannot wait to hear the first report.

Cross your fingers!


Holly said...

awwwww, he sounds so sweet.

Lazy A Ranch said...

I get the same feelings whenever I take a young one and leave them at Nonie's. I know he cares for them great but I feel bad for the horse.

Anonymous said...

He looks scared and much lighter than I thought. I guess the sun is responsible. He certainly is pretty, though.

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like a good boy if he loaded in ten minutes, for the first time!
I can imagine it would be hard to send a horse off to the trainer. I'm sure he will make some great progress. Can't wait to read more about it!

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