Thursday, July 3, 2008

Transamerica 2008!

We have kicked off the first leg of the tour---we have been in the truck for the first 3 hours or so of a 30 hour drive, so we are 10% done!

We are on our way to A Cut Above Performance Horses near Edmonton , Alberta, Canada, with some precious cargo in tow. Miss Rondee and the very special Ding a Ling (soon to be name Sugar) are racking up the miles for such young ladies.
Ding has never been off the farm in her life--yet learned to load her hiney in the trailer last nite and is happy as a clam to be there. She will not even be two for another month, but she is handling all the disruption beautifully-- I have to admit I am a little surprised at that.

Rondee is not new to hauling, but she has moods where she is agreeable and moods where she is not. She is doing really well today, loaded up in seconds flat, settled in nice and quiet and promptly pooped up the trailer. That is to be expected though, although I wish they would not mess up my pretty shavings, I guess it is necessary.

Think this is going to be cushy enough for them? In some places it is over their fetlocks. It is a long ride, and they are on mats as well---and we brought the muck bucket to clean as we can--which is not the easiest thing in the world. I do not want to push my luck on such young girls with not much hauling experience by wagging the shit fork at them---I am actually kind of amused by this business. Normally, I open the door, tell whoever to get in there and don't hurt yourself, and then I drive off. I have hauled thousands of miles, but never more than 800 straight before. 2000 miles one way this time! And of course on those trips, I do nice--for going to the vet, an hour to trail ride or something--they do not get this kind of preparation--they just get in and we leave. I have to admit though that Barry got the trailer ready and he did a really good job.

One of the best things--these great buckets with sealed lids in which we can haul our own water. Our friend Shawn hooked us up with these several years ago, and they have been lifesavers. I do not however advise stepping on them as a means to get to the top of the hay stack so you can take pictures looking down on the horses (which did not come out right anyway)---when you do that, water shoots out the spout and up your shorts. Take my word for it.
Funny so far: We just passed a billboard for a casino and it said "Over 900 hot Slots". Barry thought it said "over 900 hot SLUTS" and is looking for the exit.


Lorna said...

It will be interesting at mile 1999 if BS is still as witty...

Who knows maybe he'll be singing the Prince (or artist formerly known as) song 1999???

Only time will tell -

Holly said...

head down on the desk laughing.....Barry thought he hit the jackpot with 900 hot sluts.....I may not survive this trip and I'm not even with you!

Holly said...

what good girls to load up right like that!

Paige said...

He had better not blaspheme the Prince--he knows better~!

Anonymous said...

My question has been answered. Your choice of trip does not offer scuba diving etc------

soooooooo "Oh Canada" is a nice song to try to sing along the way. Hockey and baseball fans love it.

Now perhaps Rondee and Ding may enjoy it too---specially from their Barry. Hehehe

A horsey trip. Carol

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