Thursday, July 3, 2008

Classic Barry commentary

As we go on this trip, I fully intend to report some of the things that come out of Barry's mouth. He can be so hysterical, usually when he is not trying to be, but a lot of people do not get to see the side of him that is so funny.

He just said to me, as we are watching fireworks go off in the nite: Do you think they have fireworks in Canada?

I said : Sure. But not today, doofus ,as I am pretty sure they do not care about our independence so much.

He started laughing. Then, as proof he has been married to a lawyer too long, he says: I DIDN'T say for Fourth of July (note: said with a very snotty tone). I just thought they might want me to bring them some fireworks.

Even he could not keep a straight face trying to backpedal out of that one.

This is going to be a long trip.

And that is another thing--is the whole of central Missouri stuck in the 70s? We have not picked up a station with a post 1985 song on it yet--right now is Lying Eyes


Holly said...

pretty good Strawn....pretty good

Shell said...

I was going to say CDs are your bestest friend on long trips but got to thinking that you seem to have an internet connection in your truck! How awesome is that?!

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