Friday, July 4, 2008

The greatest athlete of all time?

Is it Dara Torres? She has to be on the list of potential winners, and I bet most people do not even know who she is.

She just qualified for her FIFTH Olympic games in swimming. Her first Olympics was in 1984, and she has been retired 13 of the last 16 years, making a return to the pool in time to qualify all these times. She is 41 years old, has a two year old daughter, and just won the trials in the 100 meter free.

That is such a testament to strong will and dedication, it is so amazing.

What an amazing person.

It is amazing that I got to see it--my goal for today was either to be stopped by 7 pm to watch the trials or to stop for dinner and see it at the restaurant. We ended up driving straight through until about thirty minutes and are now an hour or so west of Winnipeg Manitoba. We got here in time to see it, but I was distracted by trying to make Ding a Ling drink her water or her gatorade, anything but just look at it. She has given in now.

I made it to the room just in time to see Michael Phelps break yet another world record, and the Dara Torres feat.

I will post more later, I have to relax for a while before I get hysterical from lack of sleep.


Anonymous said...

You are right----I have not heard of Dara Torres. At 41 years wow. But did you get a chance to see the guy Hall (swimming) wants to try for an unprecented gold medal for the third consecutive time. He is I think 33.

And then there is Tennis and the Williams Sisters.


Holly said...

that is amazing. With all the up coming youngsters, for a mature woman to do it is fantastic. If she is not the greatest, she is certainly in the top 5

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