Friday, July 4, 2008

South Dakota---not what I thought at all

Then again, I do not know what I thought it would be like---I guess I did not think about it much at all other than to wonder why Jenna went to college there. She told me it was gorgeous though, so I kept an open mind.

She was right, it was beautiful. So open and wide and bright colors as far as you could see. I see why she likes it.
This was one of the most interesting things we saw--out of the hundreds of fields, this one was done in steps. It was so cool to see how it twisted and turned, like a spiral staircase. Very cool. I cannot imagine what that cost. I also cannot fully grasp what the point was--most of the South Dakota we saw today (right up the east side next to Minnesota) was pretty flat, but the hills started to roll the further north we got. Still, I would not think this was for soil erosion, it was not that hilly. Any ideas?

It was pretty early when we were there since we essentially drove through the nite, with the exception of a two hour nap outside of Sioux Falls.

North Dakota looked pretty much the same.

Both were way nicer than I thought they would, probably because it was 78 degrees and sunny out--it made everything shiny and bright.


Holly said...

bright is good. Summer is good. Warm is good. Head on over that way about February and see if you still like it...

Anonymous said...

My son went to North Dakota State up in Bottineau and loved it. Then went on to finish at Utah State over in Logan. He has always wanted to live in the west. We made two different trips for his graduations and yes----it is beautiful country.

Forgive me---I get wordy but - - - -

Those funny looking fields ( way they are planted) could be "Wind Breaks" cause the weather up there is pretty harsh.`

I am so enjoying your non-water travelogue.

Enjoy Carol

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