Friday, July 4, 2008

Of all the places we have been--

who would have thought it would be entering Manitoba that we would have some 'splaining to do to immigration? We have been all over the world, some pretty obscure places, and never once has there ever been an issue about whether we would be let in.

Until today. The immigration guy asked a question about whether we have ever had any trouble with the police--of course we said no. Turns out, that is not true--and he pointed it right out to us.

Not enough to keep us out though---so we are mid-trip, with about 12 hours left to do tomorrow to get to Mundare. A good night's sleep is definitely in order and we will be back in business in the morning.


Holly said...

so spill the beans on what kind of criminals you and Barry are.

Jamik said...

No kidding Paige! What gives? LOL :-) You trouble maker you!

MicBel QH said...

no kidding, spill it sister... ;)

Amy B. said...

oh god! not the college incidents coming back to haunt again???????

theCloth said...

It was probably something harmless like "smoking weed" in the sixties:)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you didn't have to buy a new truck. You know your dad is going to froth at the mouth when he sees these pictures.
Be careful and have a good time. I'm curious about the criminal background check, too.
Larry will be here tomorrow for the Kings and Queens golf tournament.
We had a great trip. You're going to love your sister's house.
Love you,
Love you

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