Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My company

This is my company from last weekend--Courtney, Sarah and Holly. They drove a LONG way to hang out with us. We had a ball. We had dinner at Fitz's (http://www.fitzsrootbeer.com/) in the Loop in St Louis. I had never been there--it was Julie's idea. It was great food. I even got them to eat fried pickles and I think they are converts now--it is hard to beat a good pickle and they make them right.

Sarah bought a hippie skirt in one of the cute shops there and Court shopped well too. We mostly people watched--the Loop brings out some interesting folk, especially on a Saturday nite.

Delmar, the street all the activites are on, also has the Walk of Fame--like in Hollywood where they have stars on the street for famous people. In St Louis it is only St Louis people, and it is always fun to read the stories--I forget how many famous people are from here.

This is Julie while she was cooking at my house on Friday--she was smoking a turkey, which evidently does not require much after you get it in there. It was a GREAT meal too. She read a book and relaxed in the sun with her puppy Daisy while waiting for the PA girls to arrive

Boce helped Julie rest. When he was not threatening to or actually taking a nip at Daisy (but I am sure she deserved it), that is

We had a great time all weekend.


Julie said...

Cute pics! Did you notice how much Sarah looks like Holly? I was resting as I had already done all of my prep work. I come prepared you know :-) In Boce's defense, he only bit Daisy when there was food around. He wanted those damn corn flakes for himself!

DK said...

Oh! Dude! I LOVE Fitz's! My best friend went to Wash U, and whenever I'd go visit I'd bring home a case of root beer. It rocked.

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