Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Various zoo creatures

Ok, even I am getting tired of this. Here are some more good pics from Saturday

This is Bongo--he is some sort of endangered something that is going to be returned to his native land. He is a big ol thing for something that I think is a kind of antelope or like animal.
I hate ostriches--I think they are going to peck my eyes out. One came close once--stuck his head in the car window and took a button off my shirt. Also there are some that live near me, and more than once, I have come close to running over his cranky ass. A bird just does not need to be that big, I don't see any good that can come of it.

Zebras are swell--although this one is a bit round.

This is an Asian elephant. I dont know which one this is, but when Raja was born (he is now the king of the zoo) it was a very big deal. Barry and I were not married yet but we went and saw him when he was a couple of months old--there was a very long line. He was so cute. He kept laying down to rest. I wanted to kiss him. He weight 340 pounds the day we were there. Now Raja is a daddy--he had two babies this year, it was a very big deal. I have not seen them yet.


Robin Sallie said...

I love the striped horse!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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