Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thar she goes!

Do you have any idea how long I have dreamed of this?

This is a 1974 trailer that was never nice, probably even when it was new. When we first took over the farm, we gutted it, recarpeted, re painted, re built the bathroom (I even hand tiled the countertop in there), retiled the kitched floor, painted the cabinets, etc and made it pretty decent. Mandy lived in it a while while Edward was off at some war, and after that we rented it out to a series of ne'er do wells. Some were insane, and some made meth, so I had to sic the police on them so they did not blow the place up. After that, we used it as pay for a farm hand, who was more trouble than he was worth including moving out and leaving the horses alone over Thanksgiving weekend one year when we were out of town. I gave up.

I have dreamed of having it hauled off but had no idea how to go about it. We hired a new guy to work the farm (who turns out to be on par with the other fools that came before him), but he was a scrapper who said he could have it gone in 2.5 days. I told him to have at it, as long as there was no trace of it when the company arrived last Friday. The deal was the typical scrapper deal--they do the work, and we split the money that results from recycling the stuff--as high as metal is now, that is worth doing.

These pics were taken Friday morning--he had not even gotten all the tin off of it yet, but had the good sense to call in some people who are competent to do the job. They got more done in the 30 minutes I stood there and watched that ol boy had in two weeks. As you can imagine, this was not the scene I wanted to set for the company, so I was fit to be tied that it had come to this--talk about looking like a hillbilly! This was SO not the impression I wanted to make on the company.

Anyway, it was pretty cool to see it come down.

This guy was great--he rode the roof down to the ground. All the while laughing at my idiot having told me it could be done in 2.5 days--this guy has done 100 of them and never has one gone faster than 3 days and that was with 6 guys working on it.

They are there again today working---maybe by the end of this week, it will be gone. They are down to the hard part-almost to the frame, which they will cut up and sell as scrap. The axles should bring a decent amount of change, as should the frame, as it is made out of iron.

The idiot was shocked when Barry told him to work on the trailer until it was done, and not to touch the horse stuff as Barry had already done it. I do not know why he is so surprised--if he really thinks that I believe it takes an hour to dump 3 pounds of feed to three different horses that are in stalls right next to each other and to START picking one of the stalls, he is on crack. I am not having it--he has milked himself right out of a job--which he will hear as soon as this trailer is gone. I sure do not want him leaving it like this--even though he is not the one doing the work, there is no need to invite trouble.

I cannot WAIT until it is gone gone gone gone!~ (and the idiot too)


Anonymous said...

Our economy------one way it has "HELPED"------made scrap metal lucrative to sell and get a few bucks-----but---ends up cleaning up the countryside of "eye sores"

Hooray for your "eyesore" being GONE GONE GONE.


DK said...

Who rents a place from a lawyer and then turns it into a meth lab? I'm just sayin'.

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