Friday, April 4, 2008

If you do not hear from me this weekend,

It is because I am doing all these things:


Move round bales hay to middle pasture (hopefully this will be done by the time I get there)

Clean 6 stalls (hey cool, there are only 4 horses in right now--that is not so bad! And they were all gutted last nite, so just need picking)

Move a bunk feeder into the round pen where babies are living until Marvin gets here to trim

Pick up a new bunk feeder (This can wait, it is just at Hutch's)

We have to breed someone--I do not know who yet---maybe Cash---Mel got her Lute shot last nite and Xan was bred last nite. Fuzzy needs to be teased, bred, Luted or whatever as well. That should be fun, tromping through the mud to get them-

Deal with potential new hire tonight. (Done: set up meeting at 5:30 on Monday at farm)

Shit needs to be scooped off of concrete at back barn and moved to pile. (BS says no way in hell is he doing this tonight, he is tired)

Place an ad for free manure.

Take more care of squeak as usual. No big deal

Groom on aries who is next up to foal but is acting goofy, I think.

Bring in Gypsy whose baby dropped yesterday afternoon as well and finish her contracts with Watkins Equine for Boonsmal Cee Lena breeding

Do Aries contracts with Buffalo Ranch...quit putting it off. Will only take seconds, but I am afraid to send it without a live foal on the ground first

Move big dead water trough into round pen to feed hay out of so they do not make such a mess.

Maybe go to a movie. NOT eating out, we have eaten out every nite this week, I think, I am sick of it. (CANCEL THIS! we are too tired and going to hang out at home with the puppies--sounds perfect to me!)

Make two trips to pick up 16 big bales of alfalfa for 1600 freaking dollars.

It is an hour round trip, but hanging out there, getting loaded and unloaded at home to go back, takes a long time.

Julie's dad is supposed to be coming over to cut up trees for firewood with BS--he is finally cutting up the down trees! I had to buy him a chainsaw to do it and he broke it the first day but there you go--it is back from the shop already.

We have to repair fence where the trees are laying on it and burn stuff like we are Doyle, all weekend.

Also breed Xan again, but surely to God she is out--I cannot believe she is this late on her foal heat- I thought we caught the end of her Tuesday but she bred last nite as well. Tease again to see what is shaking with other folks.

Breed Hotrod.

Perhaps watch some NCAA bball.

more cutting up, more work with babies, etc, BS may go to a race.

Now Headley just called and said maybe we go to the Shawnee and ride--that would be AWESOME. Which means I should move the tax doing to tonight or Saturday nite. Nix the movie, I suspect.

DO THE TAXES--my appt is monday morning at 9


MicBel QH said...

take a breathe at some point, whew I got winded just reading that.

Paige said...

It really should not be too bad---it is the number of things that get started and dont get done that make me crazy--like the chainsawing and burning--that is likely a month long project at least.

I really do need a nap already though!

lori (from IHO) said...

Check out the Chicago area Craigslist, they are advertising manure FOR SALE up there! Oh dang it, the ads are gone. There were seriously 3 selling roughly the same amt, 50 lb grain bags full for $10. SERIOUSLY.

I've had 2 people come and get some in the past, and I had 2 responses to my craigslist ad this time, I'm hoping they both make it out this weekend. Unfortunately, we had to stockpile quite a bit while it was too marshy to run the manure spreader, and I'd just as soon they dealt with it than me!

Paige said...

We murdered our manure spreader- and since we wait at least two years to fix things around here, I need a solution.

I actually thought of Craigs List---the closest ones are St Louis and Carbondale. I will try it.

Wouldnt it be sweet if you could SELL IT down here? HA

VickiGaudreau said...

You don't have enough to do this weekend. Can you come over & hep me unpack?

Paige said...

I would probably be better at that Vicki than doing my own work--considering I still have not unpacked one of my suitcases from the cruise--and we got home from that on Feb 18, I think

Anonymous said...

After I clean my own house, I might be able to help some. Call me when you get up. Also, if you could spend the night with the dogs, that would be swell.
Love you,

Holly said...

first of all, get creative about advertising. Do not advertise as manure, advertise as compost. Start a pile about September, once it gets big enough to cook, (I'd think a couple of months would do, then start pile #2. Let pile #1 sit till April-May, you have compost people will pay for. All you have to do is find some way to package it up.

Robin Sallie said...

You have a busy weekend planned. Wow!

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