Thursday, April 3, 2008

You also should not

when you work for me, you should not tell me your plan for the day is to let Squeak wander around grazing on new grass (fescue mind you and she is in her last trimester), while you clean her stall.

Why else should you not do this---when it might be all right with Gramps or Lucky--why is it not OK for Squeak? Because she is BLIND, damn it. How is that going to work with her running into things, and getting tangled up in stuff? And dont' tell me you forgot she is blind, since you also told me that you doctored her eyes every day---bet you did not do that either, which is likely why she is blind. When I did all three or four doctorings a day, she held her own, when I trusted you with one of them, she went to hell....maybe there is a connection, maybe not, but should I have to wonder about it?

And why did you not learn your lesson when you stupidly tied Snap out when cleaning her stall, and you used a lunge rope so she could wander around, for God's sake, and then practically degloved her hind leg? And did you really think I did not know that is how she got hurt, when she turned up hurt the same day you destroyed the lunge rope doing that? Not only did I know that, but a little birdie who saw it confirmed it for me.

I explained to you then that you never tie a horse long enough that she can get a foot over the rope (where is that 2.5 years experience at a TB barn going to show itself), and that mares at certain points during their pregnancy cannot have the grass that grows naturally here unless it has been ripped out and reseeded to be safe for them, like all but one of our pastures has been.

Now these are just funny--she once called me and told me that there were two horses by the pond in the hay field (obviously not supposed to be there). Then she called back and said they were two bucks. Dear God.

Even that was not as funny as her being concerned that there was a horse with a "DINGY" in the front pasture with Mel, and Lucky, just before Mel foaled. I had just been there and not seen such a thing, but it is not inconceivable that a gelding went through a fence (likely because the hot wire was wrapped around a t-post and of course not shocking a thing). I go out to check and of course, no dingy-packing horses. It was MELODY with a full udder ready to foal, which she did a day later.

Surely by kindergarden she should have had that boy girl thing down. And what is with the use of the word DINGY--I at first wondered what a horse needed with a boat in the pasture--that was before the monsoons we have had and a dinghy might come in handy now.

Oy vey, the memories are coming back in floods now!


Holly said...

write a book.


every horseperson in the world would buy it

Camille said...

Incredible and outrageous. I am surprised you didn't strangle her. I would have been beyond pissed. Makes me mad just reading it all.

Robin Sallie said...

Oh. MY.

Good help is hard to find, isn't it?

Kim said...

With all the reality tv shows, I think yours could be breaking ground. A lawyer and horse breeder, your daily antics would keep viewers tuned in.

Paige said...

They would have to bleep half of what I say--that might be a problem

Shell said...

Well, cussing and swearing hasn't worked against Gordon Ramsey.

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