Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow in southern Illinois?

This does not happen very much in this area, and it makes people act like damn fools. For instance, my bank drive thru closed early yesterday due to snow. How much had it snowed, you ask? Oh, about an inch. Honest to God.

The pool closed yesterday as well--I suspected they would, so I drove by after finding out that the stupid bank was closed, about 4:45 and the lights were on, cars were there, etc. I went to get Rita, came back at 5:15 and the damn place was locked up tight as a drum. No note, nothing, just dark. Still no more than an inch of snow on the ground and at that time, it had stopped snowing. This after a thunderstorm shut them down on Tuesday, as well.

After work today, I ran to tan, changed into my suit there and rushed to the pool--guess what? CLOSED! At least there was a sign, but for Petes sake, it quit snowing this morning, and the schools were in session in town. How am I supposed to get over being fat with these forces working against me?

I did get some photos of the snow--Holly will be so proud of me. This was the scene that greeted me at the farm..note the tractor still in the front yard, as it has no steering and Barry has not had time to do anything about it. I guess we can write off him
laying under it this weekend to work on it huh?

This photo at the bottom was taken at lunchtime, from INSIDE the barn. I was probably standing close to the middle, and all this snow was inside---covering blankets, a bag of senior feed, some chaff haye, etc. What a mess that is going to be as it melts.


Holly said...

Good for you Paige Strawn! Those are very very good pictures. Love the icy look on the trees in the first one, but I especially love the snow inside on the barn ones. Unless you plan on digging under the tractor for Barry, I'd let it go a few days (or months).

Robin Sallie said...

I am sick sick sick of snow.

Nice photos, however.

carol said...

Friends who don't live "south" can't believe when I tell them "everything is shut down" when we get an inch of snow.

Major catastrophe and the milk and bread line at the grocery stores are astromonical.

Yeup everything was down here in Tenn too and today we head up to Marion for GD's B-d party.

But my Northern Heart LOVES to see it snow, and the various pictures it presents. But just as glad when by noon it is allllll gonneee

Been there and done that on Wisconsin/Ill border in previous life


*Sarah* said...

hahaha. Pansies. They should spend some time in Erie County.

Carrie T said...

Goodness Paige. That looks like my place did in NOVEMBER.

Doyle just dug us out of our new foot of snow and 4 foot drifts today. Took him all day to do the driveway with our big tractor. Good thing the snow was still soft.

It amazes me that things close like that down there for an inch of snow. We don't close anything for snow - school bus may not run - but the schools etc. are open.

Paige said...

If our school buses cannot or will not run because of ice, they are supposed to close. I bet we dont have more than two snow days on average, though.

Ice is a bigger more common problem than snow is here.

And your entire refinery shut down this week, didn't it?

Oh well, in a week, we wont have to worry about this

C said...

Just the construction end of the refinery. everything else was going full steam ahead. all staff was expected to be in at work...just outside workers got to go home.

Our busses run in weather up to -35C and the schools don't close until temps drop to -50C. We don't have many snow days. Busses also do not run if it is deemed to dangerous (ice or snow drifts).

But there would be no way a store or rec center (pool) would close due to snow...otherwise we would be out of luck seeing as how we have snow from mid-October until mid-March (sometimes April). LOL

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