Saturday, February 2, 2008

Experimental Radar

I cannot find some of the photos of Radar and his varied experiences that I have been looking for, so today, we set him up to see if we could spook him. Evidently, we cannot. We were kind of limited to the parking area at the farm, since the snow is melting, you cannot see the ground, and everything is sopping wet. That is not conducive to lovely backgrounds in the photos, but you work with what you have.

Above is him meeting a scary feed bag for the first time---I left it out during our playing as it would blow around. I thought that might scare him, as it was loud and crinkly. No go on that spooking him though.

He did not even care if he had to wear it on his head.

He did not care if it was flapping around above him, over him, or hitting him on the butt. No reaction.

Next we tried some rope tricks--- over him was fine. Even with the stupid bag underfoot, adn the wind blowing those stalky plants against the barn, making a hellacious racket.

Pitching the rope---still nothing. I was actually getting kind of disappointed, since Barry was using my saddle since it was handy, and the stirrups were way too short. I thought we might get some high-flying action, but I guess we should have chosen another horse if I wanted any of that.

Radar even got the rope stuck on his head--hanging on his ears, crossing his face, around his neck--you name it. Still no reaction.

I actually love this photo of both Radar and Barry-- if only the damn dumpster was not in the background. And the car. Typical. I wish I was proficient at photoshop so I could fix it. I need to take a class.

We kept trying to think of things that would challenge him, in an effort to demonstrate just how unflappable he is. All we could think of was to take his headstall off, and ride him without it. That was fine too, he still stopped and backed fine even without it. He steers from your legs and seat anyway, so it did not surprise me that he would do well with turns, side passes, planting his foot to pivot, etc.

Note the slush that we had to work with. Not a reasonable footing at all. Of course, as a parking lot, it is not so bad.

We untacked him to turn him out to play, and that is when it occurred to us to try him bareback. He had never done that before, and it was pretty funny watching Barry get on him. For some reason, the accepted mannering of mounting was not in Barry's forte today, so he got on him from the trailer wheel well--poor Radar had to think the sky was falling but he did not react at all. Off they went for a little tour around.

He did really well in just a halter, backing the length of the barn and sidepassing and pivoting as easily, if not more easily than he does all tacked up.

Barry finally found a way to keep my feet from getting soaked out there--ride Radar everywhere! If you never let them hit the ground, they don't get wet---look at all that water standing on the concrete.

It was fun to play with him but I give up. Evidently this kid is not going to get worked up about much. I have never had one this level headed and sensible at less than three years old.


Lorna said...

What a great boy and I wouldn't have doubted that he was unflappable ever - especially after sliding down that mtn in Indian Creek and taking out the tree.

He's just plain AWESOME.. Can you add some "spots" to him, please?

Anonymous said...

He's the kind of horse I need, one that isn't even bothered by biting horse flies. Sorry about the pool. I've been working out pretty well considering the distractions around here. It's hot here. If you haven't checked the blog, do so; she's a dancing doll.
Love you much,

Julie said...

That may just be the one that Ashlyn needs! She was just lecturing me at lunch today about how she needs a fun, solid horse that she never has to worry about spooking on her on trails & that she can gallop around on and trail ride. Oh my god, you are turing her into a QH girl!

mjahlers said...

I love Radar, what a great great lil horse, I can not BELIEVE he is still there.

Paige said...

He really is amazing. I am shocked he is still here too Missy, but I bet he does not last long with spring coming up on us.

It is going to hurt to sell this one.

There is a yearling full sibling to him that was pre-sold before her birth, but it fell through. Maybe that is a good thing? Other than that, his mama is done breeding.

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