Sunday, February 3, 2008

The snow did not last

But at least some of the animals really enjoyed themselves. Tequila in particular played like a wild woman, non-stop. Thor indulged her for a bit but was ready for bed pretty quick--he is not a cold weather man at all. He gave it an hour or two today, but it was almost 40 degrees. The only thing noteworthy about this photo is it shows him in some serious action--he has been losing weight again for no apparent reason, but his back hs not been hurting lately. He looks like he is laughing in this picture.

Boce was NOT AMUSED in any way. After all, his belly dragged the ground. He desperately wants to drink water out of that white thing behind him, but it was all covered in show--he was shocked to get a snootful!

I was most looking forward to taking horse in snow pics, some of my favorites from the past were snow pics. Unfortunately, the color came out all wrong on them--I guess the snow was too bright. I will have to ask Robin what to do about that.

In any event, this is Ding, the dun yearling on the right. She better get used to snow, as she is moving to Canada.

This is the Midget on the left--she has appointed herself the spokesperson for her herd of babies, and I cannot get a photo without her being in the foreground of it.

I found Twister laying down in the snow today--I guess he has enough hair and padding to nto feel it, but it still seemed goofy to me. Of course by the time I got to the right spot to take the photo, he had gotten up. That is when I saw that Sly and Fonzie were lying down as well, but at least they are kind of under a tree, on some old hay and pine needles and not directly on the snow.


Robin Sallie said...

I am glad someone likes snow.

Tell me about your camera.

Holly said...

Pig-in-the-snow! Love it. It is always amazing to me that the horses .like. the cold.....brrrrr

Lorna said...

Love them snowbabies!

Poor Boce, he's probably wondering, what he did to deserve such punishment!

Bailey will NOT come in and when she finally does she has "snowboots", "snowface", "snowbelly" - she looks like she is wearing white fake fur - Or white cockleburrs - The sad part is, you can't get them out, have to wait for them to all melt and talk about being soaked afterwards (along with the floor, the carpet, the chair she loves to lay in) - it's a HUGE mess!

mjahlers said...

Tell Square Baby she won't be seeing that stuff anymore!

She is almost home!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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