Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slygirl's turn to show off

Who is that in there, you ask? This is Barry's quite impressive photography, you cannot see either one of us. Then again, it shows how willing Slygirl was to walk through trees with branches wacking her in the face. Had I known the branches were so low, I would have picked a different path, as I was not so willing to get wacked in the face.

Today was Slygirl's turn to play some games. Of course, it started raining right when we started, so we rode a bit in nasty cold rain. She probably did not notice as much as I did, since she was already walking in standing water up over her hooves in some places, and of course, the mushy mud underneath was not much of a treat. It was pretty unpleasant to play games, so we did not last long, but I told someone I would, so I did.

I think that this was likely her first time meeting a tarp- at least one to walk over. She was not phased in the least, which was nice.

To do anything in the front yard, She had to walk through nasty cold standing water--this melting snow is not what I would consider a pleasant footing. She did not hesitate in the least, which is what I would expect from any of my kids, but considering that she could not see the ground through the snow, or the standing water, I was pretty pleased with her. She did not know whether the ground would be hard pack gravel with ice on it in the driveway, or mushy mess like the yard was. While walking over the tarp, she went down into a hole that was pretty deep, and rather than freaking like I did, she just picked herself up and got on with it. Even under less than ideal circumstances, she kept going where I pointed her, without fail or hesitation.

I was really proud of her.


Holly said...

well now you've done it Paige Strawn. My next horse is gonna be a working cow horse....damn you!I .absolutely. must have steady and quiet as I'm a mess up on a horse!One of the two of us should have some common sense!

Carol said...

Hey, better Slygirl's feet getting wet versus yours.

NO mention of Super Bowl game! ! ! Did you watch and/or your team win/loose? ? ??

But you had to LOVE the Budweiser commerical. I'll be glad to tell you guys about it if you want.

Assuming most saw it. Just let me know. I am still smiling. Clue: Horses and dogs---of course.


Robin Sallie said...

She is beautiful!

Lorna said...

Glad that she just takes everything in stride - You have done well by her and your other babies!

mjahlers said...

YEAH Paige & Slygirl!

Paige said...

I watched the Super Bowl Carol, I just have not gotten to that yet! Heck, I barely knew who was in it, but it was one of the better games in years.

I always cry at the Clydesdale commercials, I loved it

Paige said...

Thanks Robin. She is special to me for several reasons, one beign that she is the oldest Slybaby we have, and her arrival was so anticipated.

She was born on Memorial Day weekend and we were out of town. She was early even, and when the worker called to tell me we had a baby I headed home in a tornado to see her.

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