Sunday, April 28, 2013

The many faces of the farm

  This little short stuff is turning into a funny little man--he is the least likely to instigate trouble, but he loves to play with his brothers.  If I could just get close enough to get decent shots of that, I would be happy.  Today, I caught him doing his jackass impression though which is also pretty funny
       Look at the structure on him.  Pretty nice

       Look at how handsome this boy is--but for the color making things more difficult,he is the easiest to photograph because he poses all the time.  His mother complicates things by being a hateful heifer for the first time in her life, so you have to keep one eye on her and one on the baby at all times or you run the risk of getting whacked.

   Trouble is still the sweetest baby ever--wants to cuddle and love on people.  He is rowdy with his brothers though, and seems like a happy happy boy.  I just love the little monste.
Look at that sweet face!

And here is poor Cash at day 349. I thought she had changed shape but these pics suggest that thiw baby has not turned over and gotten into position like I thought she had.  At this rate, I have no idea when to expect this baby to arrive. I hope that means that she is brewing a girl for me, since all four of the others have been boys.


sara said...

I wish I was in the market for a baby, that black one is especially fantastic. Not that you've offered him for sale ... :)

Paige said...

oh he is for sale--they all are!

sara said...

Oh I figured!! :) The entire crop this year is lovely but something about him calls my name.

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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