Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Great birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, so I am officially old now.  And man do I feel it today!

But I had a great day.  Rita surprised me with a birthday cake bright and early.  She always makes me a cake but it never occurred to me she would this year. She was as surprised to find out I really do go to work at 8 am and am all grown up looking when I get there.

I spent all day Busting my butt finishing something at work that made the day fly by and was a lot of fun.  My new boss Julie brought a raspberry dessert to celebrate and we were so busy we did not get around to eating it until after court closed.  That was really thoughtful of her.

I had lunch with Rita, Amy R. and my mom.  We saw Tranae and Trinda there, which made for a very loud lunch.  There was so much going on, it flew by.  I really miss working with Rita and Amy every day but that is about all I miss from there!

After work, I had dinner with mom and dad. Dad was able to eat his whole meal for the first time in weeks, which is a huge difference from last week. Pretty good because Monday is his only day he had both chemo and radiation on the same day.

After dinner, I fetched my boy who worked too late to join us for dinner and we went to meet Vanessa and Leslie.  Marion and Jeff joined us, then Liza and Kyle came. I set Kyle and Marion on the mission of finding me a new lawn mower and Kyle has already handled it--now that is service!  It was a very relaxed but fun evening. What more can you want than good friends, good times and a sweet man to share it with?

Today started out just as good, with some really good stuff. We had the first day of my first trial since starting this job and it was an absolute blast in every way. I learned a lot and realized how much more I know than I thought I did so I am feeling more confident every day--looking forward to finishing it up on Friday.  I think I can do this after all!

Life sure is simpler these days and I think I am learning to appreciate it. So many great things are happening that I can hardly keep up, but I am loving every minute of it.

41 is working out just fine so far!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and we are the same age. 41 years and stopping.

Enjoy Carol

Shelley said...

Glad you had a good birthday. I bet the best part was seeing your dad eat an entire meal.

I hope if I ever see the inside of a courtroom that you're on my side. :)

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