Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite part of 2012?

What was the best part of last year for you?

I am trying to identify it, in a concrete way, so I can make it part of the rest of my life.

Tell me about yours


sara said...

Last year I was able to run a full season of barrels since high school, which was many, many years ago. It was fantastic and the best part? Both of my girls now want to run barrels so this year is going to be even better!

Karen Burch said...

Bringing Ashke home and watching the changes he has gone through putting the weight back on.

Shelley said...

The best part of 2012 is I survived and didn't lose any more bricks or marbles. LOL

Anonymous said...

Have thought long and hard about this topic.

You asked --therefore I am replying. 2012 was one of our worst years. The few good things are so overshadowed by the bad things--it makes it hard to remember them.

Mother Nature was not kind with extreme heat which caused fun plans ( visiting friends etc.) to be changed or cancelled. Outside house repairs could not be done due to the weather---which has now caused major concerns. Inside major furnace and A/C repairs became a problem. The politics of our country is not healthy------ And then since October have been dealing with DH's stomach cancer, treatments etc.

I look forward to 2013---with optimism -Skip's surgery, recovery, decent weather, back to our old way of life---and my continued good health. Much to be optimistic and thankful for.

Aren't you sorry you asked! ! ! !
You seem to be back to 'normal' and

enjoy Carol

Paige said...

Never sorry Carol- you have had a rough year, and you can bring it here any time you want. Sometimes it helps just to spit it all out

Anonymous said...

Thank you--for replying---it helps to 'air out' feelings by writing it out. Then looking back---the whole situation becomes doable.

BTW---He is DONE on Wed with No. 5 chemo and No. 25 Radiation. We are bringing a cake for the whole group which will say "Thanks' --those nurses are a special breed all of their own.

Maybe this weekend--he can be part of the 'land of the living' Sure hope so.
Thanks and take care

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