Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend wrap up

    My boss is running for judge, and this weekend was our towns festival.  Somehow, this caused me to end up in a damn parade.  I am generally anti-parade, but I did it anyway.  I think it is from being in every parade known to man when I was little, as some sort of little poster freak.  Anyway, this is my supervisor Rita, and me, all duded up for  JoBeth's contingent. JB is a good Illini, so she picked the right campaign colors!  It was a gorgeous day for a parade, and even when it got cold later in the night when I was at a bonfire like thing, it was still nice.

    In other news, I saw Dr Brandt again on Friday. Instead of his original plan to wait three months post-closing of all open areas to schedule the next surgery, he is now in the process of trying to get it in soon. His scheduler is working on it--this is his busy medical conference season, but we are shooting for sometime in the next three weeks. Thank God!  He will close up the ab holes I still have, deal with this nest of squirrels and remove a suture granuloma that has formed and feels like a rock, and do a bunch of scar revision, and start the shaping and downsizing process on Gygantor.  I cannot wait!  I cannot wait so bad that I may call his office tomorrow to see if they have made any progress even though I know he is gone to a conference. I am just so ready to get on with it!

    These ab holes do not really bother me too much, now that I have bought a bunch of new jeans that sit way lower on me that the waistband gets nowhere near the dressings. I only have to change them once a day and I am getting way better at doing it on the fly, wherever and whenever it is needed. On Friday I asked if I could start doing some real exercises at the gym and he finally gave me the go ahead on some little things--nothing that requires my arms to be held out from my chest at all, no twisting of my torso, and no intense strain on my abs.  If he had any idea how intense my workouts used to be, he likely would have been a little more specific.  Anyway, I went tonite, did my time on the treadmill then tried to figure out what I could do.  I could only come up with a few things on my own, and it occurred to me that since I still cannot feel things normally in my abs, or in my chest, I could hurt myself and not realize it until the damage was done. I am going to check in with Justin or Marijo to advise me how to comply with the new rules but do something about myself.  In good news though, the weight is still going down, and I hit a new low this weekend.....that is so encouraging and shocking to me since I know my metabolism has to be shot to hell from laying around. It is really fun to have new clothes and new lingerie and to not be hiding from accidentally seeing myself in a mirror. I cannot wait until I am done with surgeries, totally healed and can really get after it in the gym to get myself back to who I think I am in my head. But the game is afoot!


Anonymous said...

Hm! Can you be called "Parade Pat"?

Sounds like a good medical plan for you---hope a good medical plan will be in the works for DH next week.

Be careful but enjoy

Anonymous said...

Glad you are almost over with everything -take it easy! The treadmill is your friend lol.

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