Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another change of plans

Very exciting things have happened over the last couple of days.  Tuesday I spoke with Dr Brandt's scheduler who told me that his medical conference schedule and OR schedule had him booked solid until no earlier than November 12.  My next appointment with him is November 13.  Nothing I could do about it, but I did tell her that if his Oct 31 cancelled, I wanted in on it.

She called his morning and said it was all better--he moved things around for me, and is operating at 12:30 on Halloween.  Jocelyn has named his event, "Trick or Tits".  The scheduler also said she mentioned my concerns about some things to Dr Brandt and he would duck out of a meeting to talk to me any day.  I no more got in the car to go to work than he was on the phone with me.  He is the best doctor ever.

We covered several topics, including my main concern that at some point, I would be stuck with what I had and not be entirely happy with that either.  He reassured me that is not going to happen--he is in this for the long haul with me and we dont quit til its done and I am happy with the results. We have both worked too hard to not be thrilled with the end product. I cannot tell you what a relief that is, because until week, I was not sure WHAT I wanted the end result to be.  I have finally decided and got the nerve to tell him, and he not only said I should have what I want, he totally agreed with what I want, which makes me feel like my perceptions are not out of whack as I have feared.

So for Trick or Tits, he is going to close up my ab holes,m remove that suture granuloma, and address the litter of squirrels. He is going to revise some scars that healed too broadly from the new flaps. He is going to staple something to my sternum--bet that is gonna hurt like a bitch for a while.  He is going to do some sculpting on Gygantor but not take down any size on it yet--he wants me to be sure I want it smaller, and keep in mind that when I lose the last 20-25 pounds, I will lose it in my chest as well, so the size will come down on its own. The line between too big and just right is so fine, he wants to be conservative with that.  I can work with that--I was under the impression that this surgery would be a major reduction of Gygantor to bring it down to Baby Gygantor's size, which I have now decided is not big enough (esp considering it will shrink when I lose the last of the weight).  That is not going to happen at all.  No reduction at this stage--that will be a last resort if I still want it after the shaping is done. Right now the plan is to shape and let it settle, then beef up Baby Gygantor to match. We cannot do it now, as there are still open areas on me, and he cannot introduce an expander or implant when there is a risk of transporting that bacteria from the open areas. Closing all this up though makes that the next step.

Now I am really excited.  This means there are even more surgeries after this upcoming #5, but as much as I want it over with, I want it right more than anything. I wish they would be right before our trip to the Bahamas, because of my cute new swimming suits, but hey--there will be more trips. He warned me that there may be complications that could interfere with the trip but by moving it up so much, we have more time to get any problem under control before the trip.  How is that for an accommodating doc?

No wonder he has such a great reputation!


Shelley said...

Sounds like you have a great doctor that is fully in tune and on board with what you want. Makes this long road a bit less rocky for you.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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