Friday, October 26, 2012

Fat girls in the fall

     I love taking pics of the girls at this time of year, because the trees are such pretty colors and the girls are still shiny before they hair up.  And FAT!!! look at the bellies on those broads!  Only a couple of them are pregnant, so that is no excuse!  Look how scrappy the pastures are too---so it really is a miracle.  The drought this year destroyed any pasture we had, and when it finally rained, it was too late to do any good. It has not hurt them a bit, though, as they look like this on air and some loose minerals
    This is Snap, who just last week tried to convince us all that she was DOA, or at the very least, had severed a limb in some ridiculous fence incident.  Clearly, there is not a damn thing wrong with her--she just thought there was, and laid out flat with the peanut gallery standing around as if they were saying their final goodbyes. As soon as she got the reaction she wanted though--two semi-frantic people (me and my friend Shannon) paying attention to her--she decided she could get on with her life.  Evidently, I was right to decide she was a drama queen and let her go on about her business, as she was full of piss and vinegar when I was taking pics, having a high ol time bucking and farting and acting a fool.

   I like it when they act that way--looks like pure happy to me.


Anonymous said...

Those 'girls' are great---and glad to see them----oh yeah along with the 'background scenery'

enjoy C

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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