Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More news from Barnes

I had another appointment with Dr Brandt on Friday--so not news I guess, since I go every week.  The only thing that changes is now I do not have to have someone take me--I am a big girl and can drive my own self there now.

There were some interesting developments this time.  That stupid wound vac messed up every time it was put back on last week, so he decided to scrap it.  Now I have to do one dressing change a day on my abs, and it really is not that bad.  Im getting better at it, which is really good as sometimes it is a comedy of errors, like parts of it just falling slap out in totally inappropriate places, and tape that either sticks to nothing or rips my skin off when I have to change it.  One of the meds he prescribed--a special acidic saline to soak the dressings in--is apparently harder to come by than a unicorn and won't arrive until Tuesday, so if I do not rot and die by then, all should be well.  He talked about taking me directly into the OR Friday afternoon and just closing these wounds up, but is concerned that if he did so, he would be trapping bacteria in the wounds, and practically inviting an abcess.  We are going to try this trick for two more weeks and see if we can stimulate some more healing.  At that time, I suspect it will be back off to the OR to close em up, which is totally cool with me. I am ready for the next step and the countdown to do that won't even start until all open areas are closed up.

There was only one spot on my graft that has not healed, and he did some minor revising of it in the office--basically cutting away at a bad spot and it should heal up fine now.  I have even gotten to go one day without any dressing on that at all, which felt a little weird, but is kinda nice.  I have it taped back up now but just barely.

I am also having the weirdest swelling that comes and goes (goes less often than I like) in my very low abs--it turns into a hard lump.  I call it my litter of squirrel fetuses.  Dr Brandt seems perplexed not by the swelling but by the weird shape of it and that I am so freaked out by it. He did say that if it did not line out, the next time he was operating, he would investigate what in the world is going on in there. He definitely agreed that there are some odd lumps and bumps that should not be there, but seems to think they may be the product of the wound vacs and hopefully getting rid of that will help. I sure hope so!

I got to start my mile a day walk, which is way harder than it ought to be for someone who worked out as hard as I did until recently. It will get easier though, and at least it lets me feel like I am doing something to fight turning completely to flab while I heal.  One of the other personal trainers gave me some ideas of things I can do that would not involve my abs or chest, so I am excited to try them soon.  I just have to force myself to take it easy and I really suck at that part.

That is about all the news on the medical front for now...hopefully nothing strange will pop up in the next two weeks, as I really do not have time to deal with that right now if I have to be saving the very last of my sick time for yet another unexpected operation, and have a lot of work obligations on my plate right now.


Anonymous said...

Comments concerning B & B---Barnes and Brandt continue to be interesting ---and challenging. Take care and continue on your 'recovery' route.

Lori said...

How bad is it that I visualize this wound and it looks like some of the horse injuries I have dealt with, and when I think about treating and wrapping it I think of the various magikal horsey wound powders and such I would put in such an injury...

Shelley said...

Lori took the words right out of my fingers. LOL I was thinking you should try Vetericyn, magnetic blankets and vetrap. LOL

Paige said...

I do the exact same thing Shelley and Lori-- it would take a lot of vet wrap though!

I have been through some drama in the last few days with the inability to get this custom mix of acetic acid Dr Brandt wants me to use every third day--but it finally appeared and now I am less likely to rot and die.

Cara said...

Good to see that things are healing. What a journey! Hang in there and hope that you continue to heal!

Shelley said...

Well heck, just mix some vinegar with sterile saline and wallah, you'll have your magic solution.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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