Monday, July 9, 2012

What just happened here?

Well my plan to be totally on the ball went to hell last week.  We got to Dallas to pick up Heath's new car, which is named Skittles and is actually pretty cool even though I make fun of him for it, and were so exhausted, we ate in the hotel, watched fireworks through the window and passed directly out.

We were up bright and early to get to the dealership.  Before we could get there though, we got  a call that my Uncle Leo had died, in Chicago.  We knew it was imminent as he had a stroke the prior Sunday, and since it is my life, I knew it would happen when I was the furthest possible point from Chicago. ( I am using that as my excuse for getting pulled over in Arkansas on the way home--turns out I drive like a drunk even when I am not--oops)

He was such a cool dude--he was married to my aunt for more than 20 years and has 5 of his own kids--a very rowdy pack of Irish folk. He used to own a bar off of Michigan Avenue and the stories I have heard from that time are practically legendary.

I rushed home, went to work all day Friday then drove to Chicago. On the way,  I had to stop at the Ralph Lauren store, where for the first time in forever, I went a little berserk.  I  bought dresses--what has gotten into me?  I bought every dress in the store almost--I don't even WEAR dresses that much.  I have kind of started wearing them since my trainer told me how swell I looked at Easter in my dress.  And of course, I have been entirely too fat to wear Ralph Lauren stuff because it is cut kind of slimmish---but not anymore I guess, as I sure did buy up one of each and already wore one.  That is kind of fun. I felt very girly and not really like a fat chic anymore. I have noticed I do not avoid mirrors or accidental reflections in windows like I used to so I must be getting used to it.

So Saturday, I funeraled and lunched with the Irish folk--got to drive back from Chicago with my sister, who is home from Qatar for part of the summer.  It may be the only damn time I see her other than a little trip we are taking in August as she is booked solid as she always is. She has been here for 9 days and just sat foot in our town---but will only be here two or three days before she is out again.  I have no idea when I will see the kids, but I cannot wait--there is nothing funnier than bossy Gabi and Crews's very serious approach to the world.

This is all complicated by my work schedule.  I am going on medical leave in August, so I am trying to get three months of work done in a month--to that end, I am working around the clock, weekends, nights, you name it, I am working.  Mostly I am in the office, but I also fall asleep with documents I am editing in the bed next to me.  I am a real treat to be around.

In fact, this is the first nite I have been home for more than an hour before I fall asleep---and I just realized that I could be sleeping--so that is where I am going!


Venom said...

Hello? Photog Paige? Picture of skinny bitch wearing RALPH LAUREN please? ;-)

Also -- medical leave....?

Paige said...

Skinny is overstating it--just not hippo-esque anymore! I have court one day this week, and will wear one of them then, so I will see if someone will take a pic then.

And the medical leave has been a year in the making--I have an appointment with all three surgeons next Tuesday, so as soon as that hurdle is out of the way, I will let the cat out of the bag. It is not a secret but I am afraid to jinx the insurance involvement by talking too early.

Its major though, and kind of exciting!

Stay tuned

Paige said...

There you go Venom--new photo in ony of my new frocks! Habit to cover my belly, and I see I did it again in this pic, but you can still see more of me than I normally show!

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it

Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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