Friday, July 13, 2012

This was just after a tough argument in the Appellate Court this afternoon.  I have another 25 pounds to go and then I will call it a win!  I just statrted wearing clothes that fit and that is both swell and offensive at the same time.  But  I am getting there! Or I think I am! We took this particular pic as we know we have a pic somewhere, of us in the same positions, from the dedication of the Lincoln statue, so we can compare them.  My goal is to see a major difference in a month from one...then compare again three months post that photo,

Anyone else fighting this battle right now?  What is working for you?


Shelley said...

You look awesome Paige! You are making great progress.

I'm not nearly as successful with my diet and work out routine as you are. Too many stresses lately and ice cream is my drug of choice to escape the insanity of the hell hole I work in. :)

Paige said...

Thanks Shelley ...ive actually cut way back on my workouts...and i have been stuck here a while. Its frustrating

Paige said...

From Jen_ I accidently hit the wrong button and it deleted her comment. I am a tool

You look so happy!! I love it!

I had intended to really hit the weight loss hard with the whole wedding thing coming up sometime. But my motivation left and hasn't been back.

I know when I was in Weight Watchers, the biggest thing that worked for people who were stuck in their weight loss was to try something different. Like if you usually work out in the gym, start riding a bike or something. It kind of jolts your system!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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