Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In other "Its about time" News

I bet you think these are regular gates, don't you?

They are not. Not by a long shot. Ever since I bought this place about 11 years ago, or whatever, this second set of gates has been a pain in my ass. The corner post one of them was attached too was crooked--and old old old--but still solid. At least until last year or so, when it got wobbly. So all this time, I have had to pick up that big ol gate and drag it in order to open it. Every time I did it, I grumbled, but that did not make it get better. Go figure huh?

Well it has driven poor Heath crazy for the months since he moved in and he could not take it anymore. Out of whack things bug him (you can hold the cracks on that matter, thank you very much), so this weekend, he yanked the old rotted post out of the ground, set a new one in concrete, rebuilt that corner of the pasture, added another walk gate and today, reinstalled the driveway gate (and rehung the one that I knocked off with the tractor this weekend too).

When I went to the farm after work last nite to doctor, I had a little mishap and had to shut the gates--I was walking away from them chasing a colt when I realized--HEY, that was easy. What the hell is going on here? And that is when I saw my gates--all swingy and working like they should.

It was like the second coming of Jesus out there, I shit you not. Like gold was spurting out of the ground.

It is a beautiful thing. I may go back over there and just open and close them for a while to celebrate!


Heath said...

I dont know about any second comings or gold shooting out of the ground! What I do know is you have worked hard for what you have, and you deserve to have things that work right. Now if I can just get it all finished up for you before you make me take a vacation......;)

Paige said...

It will NEVER be finished. I guess that means you have to stay forever. Deal?

Venom said...

Sorry to bust up this canoodle-fest.... but second coming is some kinda righteous cool doings so good on Heath.
Also, I agree that you deserve the best he has to offer. ;-)

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