Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bridesmaid Day

Today was bridesmaids activity day for Julie's wedding in March. I met Julie and Ash at a bridal shop somewhere in the middle of nowhere and Ash tried on some dresses until we settled on one. Julie said we did not have to wear the same dress, but the dress we picked was fine with me, so we are both wearing the dress above. The wedding color is charcoal gray, and the flowers are pink and a reddish black rose. It should be really pretty---but remind me not to stand too close to Ashlyn or I will look like I need to be harpooned.

It is amazing to me how much the world can change. When I first met Julie, in 1994, she was my neighbor in Carbondale. She was married to a complete jackass. I was there when Ashlyn was born and now she is 15--and Julie is finally getting married again--this time to a really wonderful guy. Its so good to see her finally happy, and fun to be a part of it.

Almost everything is done as far as wedding preparations, but we still plotted the details for a few hours after getting the dresses ordered. We went to a hookah lounge for dinner and some lemon-mint shisha, and laughed our fool heads off. There were a few other stops in our day, because we never do anything the normal way--we played with goats, for one thing.

All in all a fun day--


sandraclark4 said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day.
Mandy's dress for Hillary's wedding was charcoal grey. Maybe you could wear that.
Love you

Lori said...

I still remember you talking about your bridesmaids dresses being a little, uh, bold in color... I STILL want to see a pic. (If it's not an bad memory thing.)

Paige said...

oh my BOLD is not so much the word for it---I will find some old pics and post one--you will laugh your ass off.

And no--not bad memories at all---funny ones, mostly.

The worst part was the white tights I made those poor girls wear. And orange shoes.

Holy Lord. Most of them have gotten back at me since then --and I know AmyB has been plotting it all these years

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