Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 1 update on the formerly starving horses

I first was going to say I do not see a lot of difference in ol Rex here--but in the pics, I think I do see some improvement. He certainly is not critical by any stretch. He is tough enough that he was dewormed this weekend and handled it fine--I would lay odds that he had never been dewormed so I will keep him on a tight schedule. What do you think of him after one week? See any difference?

Even Sweet Rowdy is looking better---he is a hell of a long way from not being a starving horse, but he is a sweet baby, and seems to be feeling better. He does have the snotty nose of course, and crawled under the board fence to scrape his back bald on his spine.

Until you see this shot--and see how bad he really looks. I am not sure he made any improvement this week, other than maybe a little more cover on his ribs. Under his tail looks terrible too--he is a thin little monkey. As he fills out, I will still think he looks off because I am not used to what a TWH looks like as he grows up, but I can sure tell when one needs to eat. And eat he is--these boys have two round bales because the first one displeased them in some way, and they are eating Purina senior just for the digestability factor, as well as some alfalfa pellets and loose minerals. I will add soy oil at some point, but not yet.

They have some weird habits--they refuse to leave their food in a dish--they want it on the ground. If I do not put it there, they do. They want to share their food--giving separate servings does no good as they eat the first serving together then move to the next one. I find that odd for starving horses. They also drink an unGodly amount of water. It is slowing down but they were putting down 60-80 gallons a day.

Stay tuned for next week's updates!


Funder said...

Wow, they look a lot better! Here's an old pic of a friend's young TWH - she was 1.5-2 at the time. Dunno if that helps any for reference :)

Amanda said...

They look so much better! Especially Rex. Keep it comin'!

Now... get me some pics up of my Q-monkey!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Horse Student needs a lesson. What is a TWH horse?

And Rowdy does look a tad better--but it does take time but think he is on his way. And Ric sure looks better.

Probably weird eating habits for you to see--but probably 'normal' for them. They are eating---bottom line.

Enjoy Carol

Shelley said...

Sharing that has got to be a sweet thing to see. I'd like to kick the arse of the people who let these poor critters starve.

Good job Paige.

Anonymous said...

@Carol, Tennesse walking horse.
I think they look better than the pictures from when they came to you already. Good work, Paige!


The Cubicle's Backporch said...

You are such an amazing person for taking them in Paige!

That is odd that they eat out of the same feed bin... but it sounds like they will be great horses. How many animals would be starving like that and still be okay sharing food with their friend?

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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