Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do gooder weekend

I have been on a roll lately with the charity type things. I thought it would be good for me to get out of my own head and do something for someone else for a change. I am looking for something that will occupy my brain and that is not easy to do for long. Meanwhile some little things popped up for me to do this weekend.

After I got back from my conference Saturday, I went straight to the Fall Family Cookout thing that my friends hosted at the park. I was really just stopping by as moral support but when I saw how many people were there, I got thrown in to help. I helped with the hotdogs and we served over 1200 people--all for free. It was crazy.

Then Sunday morning, I had delivered two starving horses. My friend Lori asked me to help out a rescue she works with who was being flooded with starving horses, and I said I would. She showed up with two colts early Sunday.

This is Rowdy, a yearling Tennessee Walker. He is sweet but in pretty bad shape.Look at his spine And absolutely no meat on his thighs. He could be a long term project to get the weight on him.

This is Rex. He is a bit of a handful. He is supposedly a yearling stock horse, but based on the length of his tail, I bet he is two years old. He does not look that horrible in these pics, and he is certainly no where near as bad as Rowdy, he still needs a lot of work.

He is much worse than he looks in these pics, but I am confident that just a few weeks of good food will have him in great shape. I will take pics once a week to compare the progress. I am starting them on several small feedings of Equine Senior for easy digestion and all the hay they can eat. In a week or two, I will add in some alfalfa pellets to help as well. I dont want to make too many changes at once.

This could be interesting, I have no idea what I have gotten into but if I know anything, it is how to fatten someone up!


Anonymous said...

OMG--those poor horses. I would like to see the 'owners or ?" who are responsible for their condition receive SIMILAR LIVING CONDITIONS.

First take away ALL THEIR FOOD and let them experience what their animals feel.

I am a hard-nosed person--

And you are a generous person to offer help to these guys!

Will watch for their improvements--I hope! Especially for Rowdy.

Take care Carol

Carrie said...

OMG. How horrible. I know you will do your best by these two boys. Hugs - I am proud of you!!!

Carol - I agree with you. Their owner should be starved to "almost" death too.

Sure wish someone could have found Molson before he suffered like these two and then died.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is terrible.
Bless you for taking these two on.

That TW makes me sick to my stomach. So sad, how do people do this?

Good Luck and POST the progress!!!!


sweetlillena said...

YOU NEED ANY FREE ADVICE ?HELP YOU CALL ME. That is no way to keep horses and thanks for helping them out.

607-898-4818 or 607-253 3608 (office).

Miss ya chica.

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