Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy birthday to most of the world!

Today, October 2, is the birthday of pretty much everyone--

Edward, the best brother-in-law in the world ever--ignore the fact that he is the only one I have now anyway. He was always the best one I had.

Tranae--who has been one of my best friends since I was 5.

Jolea--college roommate/sorority sister

Debbie-- friend from grade school.

It is also the day I took the LSAT in 1993. And if that does not tell you how messed up my brain is, I can tell you what I wore that day, how I took it in the medical school at U of I and it smelled like formaldehyde, what the weather is like, how AmyB had balloons and a 6 pack waiting on me afterwards and how we had Barn Dance that night.

But ask me where my truck is---I am not sure.


Anonymous said...

That is so 'thoughtful' of you to wish the world a Happy Birthday!

Remembering great friends and episodes---but not rememering where your truck ! ! ! !

Hm!-----I remember episodes from 100 years ago as if yesterday- - - -

what did I have for supper last night!

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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