Saturday, October 1, 2011

Checklist o Fix its

Every day the list of things that needs to be done around here gets longer--which makes no sense to me because it seems like more and more things get done around here every day. It's like doing something breeds more things to do.

For example, last weekend, the hideous gold tone light fixture and shiny stainless faucet in the master bath got changed and replaced with brushed nickel. So what happened then? Every time I walk in the bathroom, it pisses me off that the medicine cabinet sticks out like that and there is way too much oak in this house. I think it is a Midwest thing--that and this house was built in the mid-1990s when that was the thing to do but it is making me flat ass insane. Unfortunately, my kitchen is AWESOME and so big it would cost a foul amount of money to remodel it. So I am refusing to think about that and am focusing on the master bath next. The designer is coming out Tuesday to come up with a plan....I hope to keep it reasonable enough so that I can really do it. The floor tile is fine so I suspect just changing the cabinets, countertop and putting up a mirror instead of the medicine cabinet will satisfy me for the time being. And paint--so I might as well have the bedroom painted as well.

See what I mean?

Today both barns at the farm had their roofs fixed. That's something. There was storm damage from fairly recently but now that is fixed. The bull shed had its footing scooped out--man what a difference! That was long overdue. My dining area ceiling got texturized. The contractor weighed in on bathroom ideas.

Tomorrow, we are burning brush, weaning the last foal (yeah I know she is half grown--give me a break!), mowing for probably the last time of the year thank God, cutting down some trees and fixing fence they keep falling on. Winterizing the pool....all the end of summer things that sneak up on me.

So much for relaxing after meeting my deadlines at work


Anonymous said...


Deadlines MUST be done, but there are NO deadlines at home- - - except those you place on yourself.

However GOALS are great and when they are achieved---what a great feeling-----as in master bath---and on to bigger and better things.

My goals are my LIST and even I use it and try to do them! ! ! !

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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