Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fonzie's fall Founder

Once again, the Fonz has started his fall foundering episode. I caught it way earlier this year than usual so he is not in bad shape at all. I loaded him up and moved him to the farm Monday, and put him in a dry lot. He is not happy at all because he is alone but its for his own good.

Doesn't he look depressed?


Anonymous said...

Aw! Poor guy. Give him some apples or a pat or two.

Enjoy Carol

Anonymous said...

OMG! He is soooooo cute.. love ponies!!! We used to fill a hole with water and make mud - took the 'fever' and hurt out of the hoof without doping them up. We also have been known to fill up a small kids swimming pool and tie them so they can stand in it if they chose to. works pretty good! :)

Good luck!!!

Heidi - the MIlk Mans Wife

Lori said...

He has such a freakin cute head.

Heidi Carpenter Designs said...

He is really cute!! What a face! I hope he feels better soon and can be back with his buddies.

sara said...

Cutest pony ever. Glad you caught it early!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Once those little guys start the foundering process, it's a given it's going to keep happening. Spring and Fall are the worse, when the grass takes off growing. Pretty soon it will be Winter though and he will be able to return to his buddies.

He has the most adorable head. What a gorgeous little guy.

Paige said...

Thanks Heidi--when I had a severely acute case years ago, you would not believe the contruction that went on here. Lunx has 16 inches of sand in a stall. Then we built her pens outside--one with sand like that, one with mud that hurt her like hell, one with shavings/straw up to her knees.

You name it we did it--and learned so much!
I will keep the baby pool idea in mind though should we ever have one get crazy again


Paige said...

well hell yes he does Lori--if you have learned nothing this year it is that I value a good noggin.


Paige said...

Yep BEC--not our first rodeo with this dude--caught it way early this year. Im really surprised too-as I had a pasture specialist in to evaluate the grass considering we have been in a severe drought and the sugar is actually low----

and he never does it in the spring--just now.

Fortunately, dry lotting him is enough to cure him.

Shelley said...

Depending on when you had your pasture tested (I assume that is what you had done when the specialist came) the sugars can vary. My research into the subject indicates that the sugar content can vary greatly during a 24 hour cycle. If the sun is shining or not. If the forage gods are pissed at ya or not. ha

Weird how it happens in the fall but not spring. It isn't even that cold at night so that shouldn't have too much of an affect on the carbs. I thought degrees was the cut off temp for founder/laminitis prone equines. We did go from mega heat to some awesome cooler days last weekend.

At least you caught it early. I also like the kiddie pool idea.

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