Tuesday, September 6, 2011


She is growing into half a dog isnt she? I look at her everyday so I do not notice it so much, but when someone who has not seen her in a while sees her, her growth is always remarked on.
She is kind of cute. Now if she was not completely psychotic or brain injured.


Holly said...

holy cow! What a difference!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh----Cinder------grown up in body--guess according to what you say- - - - - - -needs brain to grow up too.

Our Rocky dog never did 'grow up'. He would have been one who needed Redilin---the stuff kids get to 'calm down'

And he was 158 lbs and just a yellow labrador. But wow!

Enjoy Carol

hooves said...

She is actually looking like a dane now. She may never outgrow the mental problems from being locked in that crate though. hooves

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