Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend--camera malfunction

I had another camera malfunction on our trail ride this weekend--I got it to work for enough time to get some great pictures of some of the horses on our ride then then memory card went berserk and could not be read. Typical. That really sucked because I loved some of the artsy fartsy shots I got of some Pasos on our ride--they have great hair. Ashlyn and Pam rode them, and Julie and Eric rode some of those painted walking horses, whatever you call them. It is wild how different horses of a different breed can look and still be the same species. Head brought a new TB that was on only his second trip to the woods and less than 10 rides all together I think--and he was awesome. Linda rode Jane and she was reasonable. Jodi and I rode Twist and Gyro and damn near killed them. It rained the last hour of our ride yesterday, which was unpleasant, but we still had a great time. It is always good to decompress in the woods--the good food and good company just make it better.

So to test out my camera fix, I took some pics of Sly when I got home. He missed his Twister.

Meanwhile, Fonzie is starting his fall foundering episode, so I swapped trailers and took him to the farm to dry lot him. Happens every year, and at least I know all he needs is to be dry lotted for a while.

I am on a marathon to get some real work done--I have been for some time now but it is getting down to crunch time here. Since the weather broke though I hope to be able to do better with photos etc now---so stay tuned, I really will do better about this blog


Holly said...

I saw him on FB and thought....holy cow does Mojo look like his papa! That same massive chest and teeny tiny ears!

Anonymous said...

I for one---sure hope you get back to blogging here---have truly missed the Paigeasters, Pictures and all those interesting episodes of your four-legged friends.

Hope Peeg is doing OK---through all this terrible heat of the past months.

enjoy Carol

Anonymous said...

Well that just sucks about the pictures! I was so wanting to see some fabulous ones of Love! We had a great time with you all this weekend, thanks for letting us come along! I was very impressed with how well the TB who does not know he is a TB did on the ride.


Carrie said...

Ha Ha Holly. And I was thinking the opposite. The only thing Ding got from Sly was the color. She is very narrow and has long ears. She does have his "look at me" appeal though.

Paige said...

Ding has always looked like her mama.

Mojo is worked pretty regularly- so he has lots more muscle development. I bet Ding will surprise you when she is fit up--and makes take longer.

sly does very little but that testasterone goes a long way

Holly said...

Ding being a mare also should not be as bulky as a gelding or stud.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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